“Why Sue For N21M, A Man Who Has 30 Billion Naira” – Talkaholic Boss, K.O Baba Reacts To SAGA Between 001 Entertainment & Davido

On saturday, 17th June we officially broke the news on how 001 Entertainment, The Organizers of “The Nigerian Queen” Sues Afro Pop Artiste, Davido For Breach Of Contract. Yesterday, we updated you about the N20m Law Suit Filed Against Davido By 001 Entertainment  which has generated lots of comments and reactions as a trending topic on social media recently.

Amongst numerous comment & reaction, Talkaholic Boss, Comedian K.O Baba had this to say, “The Nigeria Queen Organizers has every right to place a law suit on an entertainer you engage & paid infull, booked 2 business ticket and 4 economy class tickets. Yet he ignored the event and now delaying refunds. My only sad point is why sue for 21M from a man who has 30 billion naira, not even 30 Million naira….LoL! Its sad to hear from PH based musicians laughing and mocking them, saying “na him fit them, they abandon us for Davido, now howfar”. Pls that’s a small mind analysis except you don’t dream of getting big and going global, if you do you will understand that as your brand gets bigger an organization in Lagos, SA or UK will hire you.

I don’t really care so much about law suit, I care about refunds and apologies incases like this. Its only a shame that some Nigeria bigwig artistes are so arrogant and show lots of disrespect to people’s brand. If you are like me that has followed the Nigeria Queen progress and success story, you will definitely admire the guts of Kelvin Joseph Amroma, Princess Andrew and their team. Any attempt to ruin that brand will hurt you, it has taken them years of dedication and determination to build one of the biggest pageantry in the country, and followers can attest to that. If they are insulted and humiliated, you have every right to seek redress. Infact, suing for 21M is a sign of maturity, some will ask for a 100M. Well, strongly believe this can be sorted out of court and Davido should learn to respect people’s brand. Thank you”.


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