Amaechi Has Done Well In Calming His Supporters Down In The Face Of Unwarranted Provocation  – Chinweike David Okwu 

Amaechi has done well in calming his supporters down in the face of unwarranted provocation from members of the same political party. Today someone in APC will tell me that Magnus Abe is the leader of the party and I begin to wonder. I’m from Ogbakiri in Emohua LGA, we have an elected House of Assembly member from my village and also have a chief of staff government house appointed from Emohua. Now can we say Hon. Sam Ogeh is the leader of PDP in Emohua because he’s the highest ranking elected political officer in Emohua from pdp at the moment? No is the answer.

They also say that if you take away the visitors in Obio/Akpor LGA, Khana LGA is bigger. At this point I realized the ethnic angle to this, although I checked my Google Earth imagery to see the size and development of Khana in comparison to Obio/Akpo and the result made me laugh. I actually felt like crying because the population of indigenes in Akpo alone will be more than the entire Ogoni not to talk of Evo and Apara. The door is already open, KAIROS can join another political party to promote their dreams but not in this APC. We all want internal democracy but some people don’t want to be led, so I wonder how they can lead us.

Now I see why members of my party want Buhari Dead, they feel it will make Amaechi stranded and they have already aligned with his rivals in the national level to takeover the party structure from him.

But they fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer. We are solidly behind our Leader and his decisions, all betrayals will live to regret their actions. #INCRAFOREVER.


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